Swine Data Services

Offering services as a record bureau for current and new swine clients, I provide your farm an affordable and cost effective solution to the time consuming task of sow card entry and other data services, while maintaining confidentiality.

Why should you outsource?

Benefits to you:

Don’t want to lose your current data? No problem, we can convert it!

How does it work?

From a farm perspective, it’s simple. The farm can either fax or scan through your personal sow cards, or I can provide you with a 3 ply form and you tear away the first 2 (one during farrowing, the other at weaning) and you keep the third copy with the sow. I enter data and email back the reports you choose and customize, on a weekly and/or monthly basis. You can still access your farm’s data by your home computer, if you choose (fee may apply).


Not a fan of computers? Printed copies of data and reports are also available.


Making your business run smoothly!